Photo & Quality Guidelines

WYUIWUG = What you Upload is what you get.

First, you can upload whatever you want. Compared to similar offers, we do not only work with photo manipulation (= cut out the picture with Photoshop and insert it into a template). As your photo is, so will be your result. This means if you are sitting on a chair in your photo. Your result will bei a generated Image of you sitting in whatever chair (or throne) you want.

The artificial intelligence that our system works with recognizes the image you uploaded and uses it to create shapes and colors as requested.

However, there is one point that you must keep in mind. In order to achieve perfect results, your image should not be blurry, not noisy and should be clear. You can upload full body pictures, portraits or selfies.

Therefore, if you want to photograph your pet as a member of a royal family, for example, we need a high-resolution photo of your cat uploaded. Sitting or lying down and looking at the camera would be ideal.

If you’re not sure, just upload 2, 3, 4 or more images, and we’ll choose the one that fits perfectly for your AI artwork.

Excellent Photos ✔️

Average Photos 🤷

We can also work with this Kind of Photos. However, we do not recommend such images.

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